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We appear and we disappear, and we're important to some, but we're just passing through.

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Lately…I’ve been thinking & I like it.

I was going through a set of old books that I had piled up &, I’ve gotta say, it’s amazing just how much one can forget. The material is in the mind, to be sure, but since there is a failure to achieve the proper connections, it is “lost.” This is rather depressing, but amazing all at once. Our subconscious thoughts are actually controlled by every bit of stimuli we take in everyday. Even a simple action (one done to you, by you, by a friend, etc.) can have a huge impact on the conscious decisions.

I love it. The knowledge is there even when we’re not aware. That, to me, is the beauty of the human mind. We’re very much like our modern day computers. Everyday, every action, every little insignificant thing, our computer (that is, the mind) takes in more and more information; stores it in the LTM and waits for the user to access it via working memory (short-term memory); which eventually determines our decisions; our fate.

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